Botzum Brothers building shortly before demolition East side of S


Botzum Brothers building shortly before demolition - East side of S Main midway between Market & Mill

Nantucket Building - Main Street

Akron Ohio Flat Iron Building Loans Chicago Wear Market Pinstriped Canopy 1910 | eBay

Boxers, Buildings, Street View, Boxer, Boxer Dogs

Summit County Infirmary Summit County, Ohio, Buildings

Brittain Village Akron - History - East Akron Goodyear Heights: 1910 Grist Mill / Grain

Historic Akron, Ohio Pictures

In 1905 the Painesville YMCA and the county YMCA merged in 1922 to become the Lake County YMCA, the second oldest YMCA in continuous existence in Ohio.

I amsterdam on Instagram: “Yesterday you all picked crooked buildings, so here we go! New York has the flat iron building, Amsterdam has crooked houses and ...

The Akron Beacon Journal

United States Post Office, Court House, and Custom House

Mystery Photo for August 19, 2010

Erie Depot

Central Avenue, looking northeast

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New 1898 passenger depot

Tower City Center parking lobby (4)

Schofield Building

The librarians have been : E. P. Green, librarian of Akron Library Association before 1874; Theron A. Noble, 1874-1875; Horton Wright, ...

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Akron Central High School -- my school

The Avenue

About 1876 two influential organizations came into being, one the Cushman Dramatic Club and the other the Akron Choral Society. The leading spirit in the ...

July 2018 - The Devil Strip

Diner with YMCA building in background

Cold Storage Building

And Hamlet was portrayed by no less an artist than the great Edwin Booth himself. Well, the promising young amateur, Newton Chisnell, decided that he would ...

Note that most of the “oldest” parks or ground categories exist in small towns or cities. Consequently, all original wooden ballparks from the 19th century ...

Historic Akron, Ohio Pictures

AECOM Building - Image: AECOM Cleveland

I've been wanting to review Cleveland Goes Modern: Design for the Home, 1930-1970 for quite some time. The book, published by the Cleveland Artists ...

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New Cleveland passenger and freight facilities[edit]

110 N. Main Street - Image: Premier Health

Cuyahoga Falls - Wayne Agency Building (OHPTC)

Tower City Station Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Tower City Station At

Hong Kong, China. 17th Sep, 2018. Workers clean up an office ravaged

Tower City Center (2)

book cover abandoned ohio

40 West 4th Centre - Image: 40 West Fourth Dayton

Akron metropolitan area

CTVRW map 1898.jpg

(303)853-9763 x Collaborative Electric & Solar 17512 W 59Th Ave Golden

Akron YMCA Building

Tower City station elevator (3)

Historic sites and districts[edit]

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Langston Hughes house - CONDEMNED As for 2256 East ...

Tower City station

The Avenue steps - Tower City

Thanks to group member Brett Taylor, manager of Ohio Hiking Trails And Historical Sites, for providing the listing lead on Brandywine Village!

Pl Brighton, CO 80602-25261 Paving (720)934-6064 x A&E


One might note the screening to provide some privacy for those on the patio. Steel columns support the second floor.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

1100 Superior - The Diamond Shamrock Building (now 1100 Superior) rises behind Chester Commons

Baltimore and Ohio takeover[edit]

The strand theatre. downtown Akron, on S.

Akronym Brewing

1885 Downtown Akron Arcade Building on South Howard Street

Tower City Center (4)

Construction Inc 80 Inverness Drive East Englewood, CO 80112-24768 Excavation/Utility (

Freetown, Sierra Leone. 14th Aug, 2017. Rescuers and a mechanical digger work

New B&O rail yard[edit]


Frazee House, Frazee House (1830) Canal Rd.jpg

'Archers Addicts' Convention at Horsham Town Hall - Stock Image '

John T. Gill residence

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Copy editor Mark J. Price is author of The Rest Is History: True Tales From Akron's Vibrant Past, a book from the University of Akron Press.

Cuyahoga Falls - Wayne Agency Building (OHPTC)

C.U.T. Steam Concourse.jpg

Boston Mill station

Ameritech Center - Image: Ameritech Center, Cleveland

Langston Hughes residence - CONDEMNED

Downtown with The Mayor // Branson’s Boom // The Wedding Book

This building, the famous Sunshine Cottage, and a nurses' home have been completed at a cost of about $340,000. Sunshine Cottage has a capacity of 100 ...

Tower City station

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Akron, 1935

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Akron Northside station


RTA Red Line Public Square Station Entrance

Dresden, Germany. 22nd Jan, 2019. The group sculpture 'Resistance fighters'

Polskys under construction

Bridge replacements in Cleveland[edit]

Campen notes that Payer was also responsible for the original landscaping and interior decoration - it is unclear how much of either remained in 2003.

Devon Energy Center (Oklahoma City)

Civilian Conservation Corps structures, CCC Statue Happy Days Lodge.jpg

Downtown, GLCT

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Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The Avenue at Tower City Center - Cleveland, Ohio - DSC08004